Let me be your Talent Acquisition Department!

Creating and sustaining a strong Talent Acquisition process and strategy can be costly. I assist start-ups and mid-sized businesses in developing long-term growth strategies and initiatives.

Currently, I provide talent acquisition counsel to private equity-acquired organizations. This includes everything from job posting to requisition management, recruitment marketing to employer branding, HR Technology, Recruiting Metrics, Diversity initiatives, Community Outreach, Reputation Management, Candidate Attraction, Employee Retention, Onboarding, Employee Referral Programs, Internship Programs, and more!

It is not in the budget to hire a full-time Talent Acquisition Leader, but you require assistance in driving the process. That's why I'm here!

Do you require further recruiting assistance?  A lot of jobs to fill? Tired of working with staffing firms that overpromise and underdeliver? Contract recruiters who will exclusively work for your firm rather than several at a time are the focus you need to fill those positions! Let us talk about it!

Talent Strategy

I will help in developing a talent roadmap for your organization.  A few examples of what we will explore:

  • Job Descriptions

  • Social Media

  • Reputation Management

  • Community Outreach

  • Recruitment Marketing

  • Campus recruiting, Internship Programs

  • Employee Referral Programs

  • Reward and Recognition

  • Training and Development

  • Recruiter / Hiring Manager Training

  • Candidate Onboarding

  • Diversity Initiatives

  • Vendor Management

  • and more!


Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

Developing an authentic voice for your organization and being an engaged employer is what sets companies apart.  Today's candidate wants to understand your company culture, what sets you apart, and why you are the employer of choice.  From social media, online branding, recruitment collateral, digital marketing, and more, we will explore how to achieve the results you are looking for!


Recruiting Services

Working with staffing agencies means you are one of many clients.  As part of my service, we will take a look at the top jobs you are having difficulty in filling and determine the best resources to help get those jobs filled quicker.  


Talent Consulting

What else do you need to get your recruiting efforts underway?  Let's talk!

Let's Work Together

Currently, I support multiple businesses with developing their recruitment strategies.  How can I help you?