Who I am...

I consider myself a Talent Acquisition Mastermind and Hiring Miracle Architect.  For over 15 years, I have been leading Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development functions for high-growth positioned companies.  My background also includes business development, account management, and retail management. I have worked in a variety of industries including retail, call center, travel/tourism, and the energy sector with a focus to connect great people with great jobs.  Currently,  I develop robust talent acquisition processes and build scalable and agile sourcing strategies for portfolio companies within private equity. 

I am based in Florida.  I enjoy traveling, finding the time to work out, participate in obstacle course races and painting. I am also somewhat of a foodie.  My side hustles include being a real estate investor and working as a lifestyle model and actress.  I also owned  a successful international fashion/pin-up magazine for almost 5 years that I solely produced, edited, and published called, Fashion Bombshell Magazine.   I have had the opportunity to be featured in several regional magazines, TV commercials, and film


The Why. . . 

"Believe in the hustle, not in your luck."

I developed my YouTube channel during the time I was furloughed and while we were all ordered to stay-at-home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  What was just a way to pass the time and frustration of not working,  evolved into helping others who found themselves also laid off or furloughed and ready to find new work. 


Over the course of my professional career, I have always stepped up to help friends and colleagues with their resumes, interviews, and given career advice.  So, I went to YouTube to start gathering my thoughts and to answer the questions I got the most.  After being on furlough for 8 months, I started looking for work and landed a new job!  My podcast is now an added extension to my passion of helping others and servant leadership.  

I hope to continue my podcast format in the hopes of helping others find meaningful work and having casual conversations into my own personal journeys and sharing others success!


Resume Writing

I have partnered with some fantastic resume writers!  Together, we will elevate your professional image.  Prices start at $100

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LinkedIn Profile Reviews

I am offering LinkedIn Profile Reviews and consulting services.  Email for info!