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What's Your Side Hustle?

Who doesn't like to make extra money? The pandemic has really pushed everyone to think of creative ways to put their passion, energy, and skills to the test. Side hustles are popping up everywhere! Some people have turned their side business into a full-fledged career. So what does this mean for companies already struggling to find talent?

In a recent Bank of America Study, ( , nearly 60% of Millenials and Gen-Zers started a side hustle since the pandemic began. Most of the key motivators were to earn extra money or fill their free time. Side hustles should be embraced by employers. This gives employees a sense of purpose, responsibility, empowerment, and an overall feeling of control. It also allows them to direct their passion towards something that they love. Allowing them to work and do something on the side gives them the work/life balance they have been wanting to achieve.

In Episode 16 of the Jess Get Hired Podcast, I speak with two entrepreneurs, Will Fuller, a Senior Recruiter for a Fin-Tech Company, and Founder/Owner of Will's Wordsmithing, a resume writing company. Will turned his knowledge of recruiting and experience with hiring for various roles and his love of wordsmithing to create an opportunity to help jobseekers and professionals level up their job search. Impressively, Will has successfully helped 500 clients in the past few years of turning his resume writing into a thriving side business.

Also, I speak with Annie Donaldson. She is a Client Consultant in the medical space, but since 2019, found a way to play into her love of fitness into a side business as a Beachbody Coach and she is now a Zyia Activewear Consultant. Her side hustle isn't just about making money, but she got involved for the community and camaraderie. Since the pandemic, more men and women are working from home, working out at home, and dressing in athleisure wear so her side business has seen a dramatic increase.

Will and Annie are excellent examples of how to turn something you do every day into something that can earn you money with little to no effort. Think of the hobbies and skills that you have. Write them down and come up with an idea that can put your talents in front of others. Here are a few:

  • Are you good at writing? Being a ghostwriter or writing an ebook might be a good solution!

  • Do you have an extra bedroom that you aren't using or are you having issues with finding the right roommate? Try to rent out your space on AirBnB.

  • Are you really crafty? Do you like to make things or enjoy painting? Sell your stuff on Etsy!

  • Do you enjoy refurbishing old furniture? A lot of people are doing this and making a ton just by posting their finished work on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Enjoy talking to others, meeting new people? Try delivery driving.

  • Are you patient with others and love a particular subject? Try tutoring a student! There are a lot of kids that are not in the classroom right now that could benefit from asking questions and getting personalized attention.

I also found a few articles that share more side hustle ideas. Read them here:

100 Trending Side Hustles in 2021 by Parade

What other side hustles have you found that are not on the list? I'd love to hear from you. If you are doing something out of the ordinary to make extra income, message me at or connect with me on LinkedIn (

Good Luck and go make that extra cha-ching $$


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